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Stuart Langfield is a storyteller using film, animation, design and code.

Raised in Scotland (don’t hold that against me), now living in Vancouver. I believe in using story, data, design and a peculiar imagination to solve problems, connect people, and make change. Wait!  Isnt that what they all say? Well, keep reading or skip straight to the work. 

Currently represented by KIDDO for commercial film content, and also playing around with video game design and Augmented Reality. 

Previously I was a senior creative at Shopify Studio and Hootsuite, leading teams of really smart creatives that have come together to solve problems, inspire people and elevate brand experiences. 

I created films that ranged from trying to cure Procrastination, engaged a tastemaking audience at the coolest convention last year, searching for aliens, entrepreneurial struggle and Ice CreamCyber Monday and intimate stories about the Alaskan Hip-Hop scene. I also developed a visual storytelling system for Shopify’s product marketing films, an example can be seen here.

Before Shopify I co-created and built a show called Further - a series that explores the intersection of science and humanity. We mixed interviews with animation to give the audience a deeper connection with the subject matter. It was powerful and people seemed to like it.

Check out the first episode with Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at SETI here, or the second episode with former NASA Astronaut Jeff Hoffman over here. These were featured on IFL Science and other trendy blogs.

Hold on to your butts for Episode 03...

I co-created a short film called Roar. Just like the Katy Perry song it’s about a family with supernatural powers, but deep down it’s really about our perception of ageing and dying with dignity.

Aside from getting staff picked on Vimeo, it made some people cry and played at a couple of film festivals. Hollywood called, I haven’t got back to them yet.

We also ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise the requisite number of gold coins.

I’ve worked on a number of documentaries. Usually I’m hired to create animated scenes to pull the audience deeper into the subject matter like in PressPausePlay, or sequences that open up the hidden world of the protagonist like in A Fragile Trust. Sometimes I’m just hired to make titles that look like they’re inside a pinball machine.

My work has been Vimeo Staff Picked multiple times, featured on blogs such as IFLScience, New York Times, Motionographer, Stash, Behance and Yahoo Business, and in publications such as idN Magazine. I’ve also supported the creative aspirations of brands such as Nike, MTV, BBC and Adidas. 

Thanks for checking me out. I’d love to meet. Touch base anytime.

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