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Anthem film for the world's first clean, carbon-neutral, scalable, baseload power solution. The future is for Eavor™.

Role: Story, Direction, Animation
Agency: Very Polite

Mozilla - “Misinfo Nation”

In today’s media climate, it’s becoming harder and harder to tell what’s real and what isn’t. But while it may seem like we’re living in a world divided, the truth is out there — and we have the ability to vote and shape our world based upon it.

Role: Story, Direction, Animation
Client: Mozilla


I co-created a short film called Roar. Just like the Katy Perry song it’s about a family with supernatural powers, but deep down it’s really about our perception of ageing and dying with dignity. Vimeo Staff Picked and 7 Leo Award nominations, including a win for best editing in a short film.
Role: Script, Directing, Concept Design
Awards: Vimeo Staff Pick, 7 Leo Nominations (1 win)

How To Overcome Procrastination

We sift through the world of science, studies, data and theories to uncover what we know about procrastination and to find out if it’s possible to conjure a cure.
Role: Direction, Design, Animation
Platforms: Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook
Awards: Vimeo Staff Pick

Further - Ep.01: Seth Shostak

FURTHER is an original series exploring the intersection of science and humanity. Compelling interviews with the worlds most brilliant minds are combined with fictional animation that imagines a brave new world. In the wake of Kepler-452b, Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at SETI Research weighs in on the potential for alien life. 
Role: Concept, Story, Design, all aspects of 3D build and animation through to final output
Software: Cinema 4D, After Effects
Platforms: Youtube, Vimeo
Awards: Vimeo Staff Pick 

Further - Ep.02: Jeffrey Hoffman

In this episode, former NASA Astronaut, Jeffrey Hoffman discusses the mysteries of Mars, and the potential for human colonization, whilst our hero attempts to kick start the planet based on a theory from Elon Musk.
Role: Concept, Story, Design, all aspects of 3D build and animation through to final output  
Software: Cinema 4D, Maya, After Effects
Platforms: Youtube, Vimeo


"A film about hope, fear and digital culture"

I created the animated content for the PressPausePlay documentary. The animations help to break up the interviews and illustrate key scenes discussed throughout the film. Above is the Seth Godin excerpt, lots more to come once the film is on general release.
Role: Art Direction, Animation
Awards: SXSW, Vimeo Staff Pick

Super Mario AR - Augmented Reality

Modelled on Super Mario World, the SNES version from my childhood, Super Mario AR is a test that’s built from the ground up to uncover an innovative user experience that’s worthy of the AR format.  
Role: Design, Direction, Build
Software: Unity3D, C#, ARKit, Cinema4D
Platform: iOS, Android
Press: VRScout, NextReality, MadewithARKit

Shopify - POS

You can sell anywhere using Shopify POS, like our friend Neenu who sells her sneakers on the subway and in space. This was one of several product films that built a unique visual style for the Shopify brand.
Role: Script, Direction & Design, Storyboard
Platforms: Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook

New York Times - Modern Love

Concept, design and animation for an episode of New York Times’ ongoing Modern Love series that tells the intimate story of an encounter whilst camping. The goal was to distill the dialogue into the simplest visual form to allow the audience to feel, rather than just see the story. Most of the animation was built and edited in 3D, before being painted over frame-by-frame.
Role: Concept, Design, 2D/3D Animation
Platforms: Web, Broadcast